Monday, 19 November 2012

Feel Gratitude for Life

Today, I sincerely write to express heartiest gratitude to God for the gift of Life, Well Being and every tiny bit I possess. Last two weeks have been the most frightening in my life. I almost escaped death and gifted with a second chance in life. Not elaborating much about what happened it was a terrible road accident I survived.

There are lot many people who get up everyday moaning and unhappy about life. Be it rich or poor, we all have different problems and challenges in life however the way we deal with it is our choice. I see so many lost souls out and about who are having what looks like rather frantic days of swimming upstream. They appear frazzled and irritated that life is pushing back at them making their experiences anything but smooth. I hear them speak of fear about what is going on in the world and I know they most probably watch the nightly news faithfully, absorbing all of that fear filled, negative propaganda. It saddens my heart to see people asleep and struggling so in life. If they only knew with just a few changes in their thinking life could be so very different. Feeling gratitude is one of the big game changers. It is remarkable how making the effort to feel and express gratitude changes us inside, it opens our heart and makes us glow. How much effort does it take to express gratitude and yet many forget to do it, despite the great rewards.

We all must know this but just to remind, Tomorrow is mystery, yesterday is history but today is Present (It’s a Gift). So we must express gratitude for the gift we have received.

I most certainly agree that life would not be uniformly smooth for everyone and it might not always be easy to Smile. However, I can assure that positive attitude and strong determination would always lead us out of the most difficult situation of life. Furthermore, always feel and express gratitude for what life is since it could be worst.

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